DIY: Painted Bottle Centerpiece

Since spring is taking its time showing up here in Oregon, I decided to bring some spring loveliness inside. I found the idea of painting bottles and using them as vases for a centerpiece on Pinterest. Where else? Find my original inspiration HERE. This project was so simple and easy, and I was able to do it using things I already had around the house. These are definitely going to be the centerpiece for our family dinner on Easter. And I can see this being an easy way to incorporate color into any event you throw or host. If you’re a DIY bride, like I was, start gathering those clear bottles and vases.

Supplies you’ll need:

-Clear bottles, vases or jars
-Paint (I used white and pink acrylic paint, found at any craft store.)
-A paint brush (optional)

1. First remove the labels from your bottles by soaking them in hot water and a little bit of soap or laundry detergent. I used Izze bottles and let them soak for about an hour.

2. After your labels are removed and the bottles are dry, begin by pouring the paint into the bottle. I poured the paint in around the edge of the opening, so the paint would drip down as shown in the photo below. This part takes a little patience. I kept adding paint and slowing turning the bottle until it was completely covered.(This is when I sometimes used the paint brush to cover the spots that were not getting enough paint.)
3. Once the bottles are covered to your liking, let them dry! See wasn’t that easy?

4. Add pretty flowers that make your heart happy! (I got these pretty blooms from Safeway.)

{If you try this fun DIY, please email me a photo of your arrangement! I’d love to see it!}
{*I’ve also seen this project done by spray painting the outside of the bottle with matte paint.}